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Steve Fisher5. července 2012 • 06:00
raindrops on a car window; alberta canada
raindrops on a car window; alberta canada
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An opening shot of trees in a forest. The sound of rain.

Close-up of a tree. A raindrop trickles down its bark.

A pond in the woods. Its surface bubbles with the plopping of raindrops.

More trees.

More trees.

A deer drinking from a puddle.

We hear a rustling sound. The deer looks up, as if startled.

Close-up of the deer’s eye.  The rustling sound continues.

Dissolve from the deer’s eye to the eye of a woman.

As the camera pulls back, we see that the woman’s face has a startled look similar to that of the deer.

Cut to another woman who is sitting behind a computer terminal. We realize now that the rustling sound we heard earlier was actually the sound of this woman’s fingers tapping on her computer keyboard. She looks up from her computer screen and speaks.

COMPUTER WOMAN: “No, I’m sorry that film is also sold out.”

Cut to the first woman, whose face retains the same deer-like expression of vulnerability and helplessness.

Close-up of a tear running down her cheek.

Dissolve from the woman’s tear to the raindrop running down the bark of the tree from the opening sequence.

Another shot of trees.

More trees.

Close-up of a branch of a tree, on which a mother bird stands in a nest, feeding a worm to one of her babies.

Cut to a woman, sitting at a table under a tent in the pouring rain, feeding her child with a plastic spoon filled with halušky from a plastic bowl.

Cut to a wolf in the forest. With its teeth, it is tearing at the meat from another dead animal.

Cut to a man who is cutting the meat from a leg of roast duck and stuffing it into his mouth.

The camera pulls back to reveal that the man is one of a group of what appear to be wealthy people, sitting at a table in an elegant restaurant.

Cut to a waiter who is standing nearby. He is looking out the window.

Close-up of raindrops trickling down the window.

The camera’s focus shifts from the raindrops to what can be seen through the window in the distance…

Trees in a forest.


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