10 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind While Watching Films at the KVFF

Steve Fisher 4. července 2012 • 06:00

1.    Where is my seat's drink holder?

2.    Should I ask the Russian woman sitting in front of me to take off her fur hat?

3.    This film seems to be a Bressonesque existential drama that utilizes radical allegory to explore complex themes of…nah, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

4.    Why is there a naked dwarf in this film?

5.    Do I really want to watch this film? I've heard that all the characters in it die tragically. But, okay, at least it's based on a true story. I love films like that.

6.    It says in the program that this film is "a contemporary story told through the eyes of a young boy." I assume that it all takes place on a computer screen.

7.    Hmm. It says here, "Length: 318 mins." Is that more than two hours?

8.    Wow! That was over quick. Hey, where is everybody?

9.    This is the best Austrian film I've ever seen.

10.     Drinking mineral water sure makes people fart a lot.

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