10 Things I Wish I Had Brought With Me to the Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Steve Fisher7. července 2012 • 06:00
Antidepressants, a must-have for KVIFF
Antidepressants, a must-have for KVIFF
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1. An umbrella (for the occasional rain)


2. A raincoat (for the occasional heavy showers)


3. Galoshes (for the frequent torrential downpours)


4. Anti-depressants (for most of the films)


5. Amphetamines (for the extremely long films)


6. An ejector seat (for the Romanian film „Somewhere in Palilula“)


7. Some comedies on DVD


8. A Russian-English dictionary


9. Mountain-climbing equipment for reaching my hotel


10. The International Guide to Actors Who Are Sort of Familiar-Looking But Whose Names You Can’t Quite Remember



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